Merger & Acquisition Targeting

Expedite your targeting of strategic acquisition and joint venture opportunities with BAI’s expert M&A process

Why Merger & Acquisition Targeting Works

Cost Effective

Avoid diverting your corporate team away from day to day business operations for a fraction of the time and cost of pursuing acquisition opportunities internally. Leverage a proven team of M&A experts to research, strategize, target & engage potential acquisition opportunities.

Pursue Competitors

In many cases, competitors can be reluctant to provide open and detailed information about their business, finances, and willingness to sell. Avoid the awkwardness of pursuing direct competitors yourself by engaging BAI to strategically pursue these acquisition on your behalf.

Results Oriented

We win when our clients win, so when you engage BAI to pursue your acquisition strategies for you, there will be a professional and persistent approach to yielding tangible results for your company. In most cases, you will begin to see NDA’s being signed by acquisition targets within the first 3-4 months.

Business Answers International has been providing Merger & Acquisition consulting, research and targeting services for over 25 years. Utilizing decades of industry relationships, successful deal making, and a team of experience researchers and consultants, Business Answers can help companies of all sizes achieve their acquisition objectives. Representing companies on the buy side and sell side, Business Answers International excels in working with major industry manufacturers looking for strategic acquisition opportunities. Our team will work with you to create a detailed plan to identify, approach, and secure your desired acquisition targets.

Aaron Rappaport

Vice President, Business Answers International

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