Corporate Outplacement Programs

Protect Your Company Brand With Compassionate Employee Off-boarding Strategies

Why BAI Outplacement?

Cost Effective

Business Answers International provides a range of cost-­effective outplacement programs that can maximize success rates of exiting employees, while saving the company money!

Improve Company Reputation

Reduce the negative impacts of layoffs that can plague companies on social media. Create opportunities for outbound employees, while increasing company branding that can translate to enhance sales and future recruiting!

Results Oriented

Focusing on networking strategies, and helping to facilitate more interviews with real companies helps to steer your outbound employees away from questionable online job postings and allows them greater control in their search!

Did you know that the majority of outbound employees who leave online employer reviews will do so within the first 30 days of being laid off, and usually well before they land a new position? Outplacement benefits will improve their morale, increasing the chances that they leave with a positive opinion of the company, while giving them the tools the need to be successful in their new job search. This creates a win/win opportunity for both the employer and employee!

Aaron Rappaport

Vice President - Corporate Outplacement, Business Answers International

What’s In Our Program!

Each Business Answers International Outplacement client will select from customizable programs that can include:
Professional Resume Writing (by certified professional writers)
One-on-one career coaching designed to stimulate immediate results
Group training sessions (at your location or virtually)
Advanced social media job seeker training, courses on how to “reverse engineer LinkedIn,” and more!

Personalized branding and approach strategies that teach each client HOW to approach companies the right way that triggers a response!

Hand picked job matches selected specifically for each employee by our proprietary “virtual recruiter” system pulling opportunities from over 2,000 online job boards!

Dragon Careers (The Business Answers International client portal) is integrated with over 80 additional job boards and thousands of executive recruiters. Each client can be presented to hundreds of recruiting
partners in their field as well as instantly posted on the job boards they choose!

Let’s Get Started

In order to help, Business Answers International will conduct a no-obligation consultation to develop an appropriate outplacement strategy for you!

We will work with your Human Resources and Management teams to handpick the perfect mix of services that meets the expectations you have for the program as well as your budget.

Business Answers International and its wholly-owned subsidiary Dragon Careers has successfully provided these services to companies off-boarding over 10,000 individuals over the past 5 years, and has been in the recruiting/staffing and consulting industry for over 25 years!

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