surveysBusiness Answers International will work directly with your management team to assess, design, and conduct ISO 9001 oriented customer satisfaction surveys. Through a no obligation consultation we can help identify and implement the best practices in the industry to obtain the information from your customers that will allow you to utilize quantifiable data to implement quality improvements.

Our Customer Satisfaction Surveys will provide a comprehensive understanding of how companies are perceived by their customers and/or suppliers and how they rank versus their competitors. Additionally, we will provide comments and suggestions for improvements. Final feedback will include topics such as:

    • Product Quality
    • New Product Development
    • Price Support
    • Technical Assistance
    • Field Sales Support
    • Responsiveness
    • Flexibility
    • Communication Skills
    • Inventory Availability
    • Knowledge
    • Delivery Time
    • Product Training
    • Lead Generation
    • Overall Value


Contact us today for a FREE consultation. Learn how the top manufacturers in the world are using Business Answers International to improve their quality and increase customer retention. In working with many of the Fortune 500 companies, we have developed Best Practices in Customer Satisfaction with a unique emphasis and deep understanding of ISO 9001 Quality Standards.



Customer Satisfaction Surveys…A Sales Tool? “YES!”

As  salespeople, we challenge ourselves to come up with productive reasons to visit our customers. Unfortunately, most companies don’t come out with a new product to show every month, so we have to come up with other mutually beneficial reasons to get meetings scheduled with our customers.  Let’s face it, nothing is more important than face time with our customers, but no one wants to become the dreaded “professional visitor.”  We all want to be the “trusted advisor” that our customers rely on for current industry information and up to date product training.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys are an incredibly effective sales tool, and provide a great reason to meet with clients for a quarterly or annual review of their accounts.  Customers want to grow with their suppliers and want to know how they stack up to expectations and against the industry as a whole.  A detailed Customer Satisfaction Survey not only gives insight into what our customers are thinking, but provides a tremendous opportunity for sales representatives to ask for more business, upsell new or existing products, and find out why a portion of the business is going to another supplier.

Strategic planning is essential to a top performing sales territory.   Customer Satisfaction Surveys give salespeople the inside knowledge to ask the right questions that will increase business.

Here’s what executives from the industry had to say about their positive experiences with customer satisfaction surveys after a breakout session at a recent tradeshow in Orlando…

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