Business Answers International (BAI) provides the following types of Market Research to industrial materials manufacturers and distributors:

customer satisfaction surveysCustomer Satisfaction Surveys

Business Answers International will work directly with your management team to assess, design, and conduct ISO 9001 oriented customer satisfaction surveys. Through a no obligation consultation we can help identify and implement the best practices in the industry to obtain the information from your customers that will allow you to utilize quantifiable data to implement quality improvements.

Acquisition AnalysisAcquisition Analysis

Business Answers International utilizes 20 years of experience in assisting industrial distributors and manufacturers with their acquisition needs. With an in-depth network into the industrial markets, BAI can help target high quality acquisition opportunities.

taret market research businessTarget Marketing

Custom lead qualifying and lead generation services are provided by our industry trained team. BAI is uniquely positioned to identify qualified opportunities for your organization’s sales team, with detailed buying/purchasing information. If you want to know where the business opportunities are, this is where to get a competitive edge. Spend more time CLOSING business and less time prospecting.
Read this case study showcasing a recent target marketing case study with a spectacular ROI.

market research metro areaMetro Area Analysis

Interested in identifying new metro markets? Or perhaps you want to better understand a current metro market? BAI can provide your organization with a comprehensive metro area analysis identifying all of the intricate details of that market. From product and supplier data to potential customer information, Metro Area Analysis studies are the right solution to help you understand the market better.

market share analysisMarket Share Analysis

Market Share Analysis is a subsection of a market analysis that shows how well a company is performing in a given market compared to its competitors. In a typical Market Share Analysis, Business Answers International will include information such as total market size, market growth rate, market share, read more…

Distributor Preference SurveysDistributor Preference Surveys

Are you a manufacturer that sells through Distribution? With our deeply entrenched relationships with distributors nationwide, we can provide you with inside information about the supplier preferences of distributors in many segments of the industrial markets. Find out who the preferred suppliers/manufacturers are, and understand why your company IS OR IS NOT preferred.

Additional Services:


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