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Business Answers International provides the most effiecient and advanced machinery and equipment to the plastics fabricating and manufacturing industry. As representatives for SCM Group, we feature a product line of technologically advanced computer controlled machines and manufacturing systems that integrate into today’s modern computer network environment. SCM Group’s CNC panel saws, CNC routers, CNC machining centers and material handling equipment are world renowned.

SCM Group is the world’s largest manufacturer of CNC panel saws, routers, and machining centers and material handling equipment with manufacturing facilities in Italy. Its U.S. headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia. SCM Group has been in business for over 50 years, and it has approximately 3,000 employees, 20 factories and two million machines operating in 120 countries. They are a vertically integrated company that invests 5% of its sales in research and development and they are ISO 9000 compliant.

SCM Group provides their customers with engineering, design, parts, service and after purchase support. They have Pronto parts available 24/7 with 60 certified technicians in the U.S. to respond quickly to a variety of needs, including installation, training, preventative maintenance and emergency visits.

Complete training is also provided at the SCM Group North American Headquarters in Atlanta, GA. This is all part of the company’s commitment to protect your investment in their machinery and equipment.

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