Business Answers International (BAI) provides comprehensive mergers & acquisitions consulting services to clients in the plastics, sign & graphics/printing, metals, and other industrial manufacturing and distribution areas.

Utilizing 20 years of experiences, BAI will walk you through the process while assisting in key supports services such as, Financial Analysis, Sales & Marketing, Profiling, Negotiations, and Preparation of Selling Memorandum.

Whether you require assistance targeting potential acquisition opportunities, or identifying potential buyers, BAI is the right solution for your M&A needs.

Acquisition Analysis services are available which provide: Company Background, Primary Business, Key Management/Personnel, Market Share, Sales/Profits, Primary Markets, Major Product Lines, Facilities, Geographic Coverage, Value Added Equipment, and Ownership Structure.

Additionally, BAI will analyze Strategic & Tactical Significance, Leverage Opportunities, Strengths & Weaknesses, Strategic Fit, and Recommendations.

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    • Financial Analysis
    • Acquisition Targeting/Profiling
    • Negotiations
    • Preparation of Selling Memorandum
    • Investor Identification
    • Capital Raising & Equipment Financing


In addition to Merger & Acquisition Consulting, Business Answers International also provides:

    • Management Consulting
    • Expense/Cost Saving Consulting
    • Sales Training
    • Turnaround Consulting
    • Executive Recruiting

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